20161023_163708My name is Sara Belt. I am a Reiki Master from the Stonewood linage which means I’m qualified to teach Reiki classes. My training also includes Matrix Energetics.  I’m an Ordained Minister and I live in Wichita, KS but I can help people anywhere in the US by way of phone or Skype. Services I provide are Healing Sessions, Akashic Record Readings and Spiritual Life Coaching.  I have been in business since 2008 and my passion is helping people like you heal and improve yourself.  Your pathway is unique to you and I am honored to help you.

I have had a call to service since I was a little girl; however, I just didn’t know in what way or capacity that would be.   All healing is Loving Energy that comes from God/Universe.  I was attuned in Reiki I and II in 2006 and then became a master in 2007.  I took Matrix Energetics 1 and 2 in 2008 which is the year I started my practice.  Then in 2011 I took the 3rd level.  It is so amazing to me the wonderful changes and clearing that occurs to my clients and you during a session. I am the conduit or door that the energy passes through to you and my clients.  Therefore, the possibilities for the healing, change/transformation is infinite.

When I’m conducting a session, I sometimes receive messages form the client’s guides and angels as well as see images.  Even departed love ones sometimes show up to give the client a message. I never know what is going to happen during a session which is why I find this so exciting and amazing.  When we let go and let God, true miracles can and do happen. It is such a joy to witness my clients becoming open and free.